Taking the Lead


Taking the Lead

Nik O'Flynn Dog trainer Essex

My name is Nik O’Flynn and I am a qualified instructor with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.

I have always loved dogs and always had one – usually a retired greyhound. These usually required a lot of training in the recall department and socialisation around other dogs to learn that not everything furry is a hare!

However, it was not until I had my first “problem dog” that I looked further into dog behaviour and everything that makes them tick. Separation anxiety? Aggression with other dogs? Unpredictable around people? He had the lot. And it was by learning about these issues and dealing with them that I became fascinated with dog behaviour and how to change it.

I first took a Level 2 qualification in Dog Care and Management before progressing to a Level 3 in Dog Behaviour with the IMDT and my instructor qualification.

I have since undertaken Level 4 in Common Dog Behaviour Problems with the CIDBT though I stick to Positive Reward training (which is not the ethos of the CIDBT unfortunately).

I am keen to open my mind to all that the dog world has to offer and I am constantly attending seminars and workshops from leading dog behaviourists and trainers to see what information I can glean such as Sarah Whitehead, Craig Ogilvy, Chirag Patel, Susan Freidman, Nando Brown and Jo-Rosie Haffenden.

I like to keep my training fun for both the dog and the owner. I also like to assess dogs – and their owners – to see what makes them tick. This way I can adapt a training programme to suit a dog in a way that I know the owner is going to follow and enjoy training.

Seeing a dog and its owner really “getting” training and enjoying it makes my day. Too many people think of it as a chore to be done, but really it ican be the best fun you can have with your dog and the most rewarding.

As a member of the IMDT I will not use “harsh” training methods as these can do more harm than good in the long run.

And the name Taking The Lead? It is a clue to my previous profession – where a pun always went down well…

Please feel free to contact me either by phone, text or email and let’s see what I can do for you and your dog!

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